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ABOUT HOC Dance Club/ School


WELCOME TO HOC Dance Club/School!!!!!


HOC Dance Club/School is a dance school that always give students the best possible dance experience by always feeling included in all things done at dance. So if at some point in the future a dancer or dancers decide to want a career in dance, or for the pure pleasure of learning the FUNdamentals of dance they will have a strong understanding of practice, performance, and the PLEASURE OF HAVING FUN. 


HOC Dance Club/School offers recreational classes from ballet, hip hop and musical theatre. We offer an introduction to dance in the PREdance class aged for 2.5- 4 :-) 


Classes at HOC Dance Club/School are designed for every participant to feel like the dancers that they are and to ALWAYS REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!!!




Hana Omar-Craig- Artistic Director/Dance Teacher
Born in Kuwait, Raised in Somalia and Toronto, then moved to Sarnia to attend Lambton College where she has her diploma in Sports and Recreation Administration and Post-Grad in Human Resource. Not new to the world of dance since she has been part of it the majority of her upbringing in the more recreational part of the dance in Toronto.  When she moved to Sarnia on her own she decided to take part in the competitive side dance by mentoring and coaching dancers which lead to some awards and recognition. Hana has now gone and will continue to go to schools in the Lambton County area to teach dance at other Public Schools.
HOC Dance Club/School has become part of Hana Omar-Craig's life, and she would not trade it for the world. HOC Dance has been running for the last 6.5 years under the direction of Hana Omar-Craig, and she can not wait for what the future has in store

          Mission Statement                 

Providing outstanding recreational dance experiences for each and every dancer, no matter their age, ability or level. My goal is to increase and nurture CONFIDENCE, SELF-ESTEEM, a POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE and TEAM WORK through FUN dance classes, to each and every dancer.



" Today you are You, that is Truer than true. There is noone alive who is Youer than You"- Dr. Seuss


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