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Group Classes

PreDance 2.5-4 years old

       In the class, dancers express their natural tendency to perform and move. My focus in this class will be teaching musicality by following simple instructions and developing fine motor skills with a large dose of fun! PreDance is a great starting place for dancers and leads nicely into all other dance styles.


Ballet step 2.5-4 years old

      This is an introductory dance class for the dancers. In this class, they will be learning basic ballet moves in kid-friendly words (i.e. First position would be in the form of a Pizza)


Kinder Ballet 4.5- 6 years old

        Kinder Ballet class will involve more Ballet terms, with some still being kid-friendly terms. In this class, they will be learning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions.

Kinder Ballet & Jazz 5-7 years old

This combo class helps with not only the discipline manners of ballet but also helps with the coordination and memory of jazz moves. In addition, dancers will be taught terminology, and body posture in this class will be addressed in a fun manner.


Kinder Hip Hop 4.5-6 years old

      Kinder hip hop class is for those who like to dance to the beat and learn some fun rhythmic dance moves. Also, this class dances to all the new and old hip-hop songs and movements.


B-boy inspired Hip Hop for both BOYS & GIRLS 6-9 years old

      This hip hop class will have some b-boy moves with simple tricks and still has the foundations of a FUN hip hop class.

Primary Hip Hop 6-9 years old

     Hip Hop classes for 6-9-year-olds, kids learn the exciting and popular Hip Hop dance moves seen in many TV shows, Fortnite moves, and videos. The music is age-appropriate but still popular with kids.


Primary Ballet & Jazz 6-9 years old

      In this Ballet class for 6-9 years old, dancers learn the more advanced ballet techniques with advanced moves with recognizable ballet songs and some modern songs. This combo class helps with more ballet and jazz techniques, but it also helps with more advanced coordination and memory of jazz moves. Dancers will be addressed in a fun manner. I will address terminology and body posture in this class in an entertaining way.


JR Ballet & Beginner Contemporary 10-12 years old

This combo class will have more ballet-inspired movements, with beginner contemporary being taught in this combo class as well. In addition, this combo class will have two dances to show ballet and contemporary techniques.

JR Hip Hop 10-12 years old

This JR/Youth Hip Hop class will have moves like popping and locking with some more basic hip-hop moves. This highly athletic dance focuses on visual effectiveness and crowd appeal.

Youth Hip Hop 13-16 years old

      Hip Hop dance classes for youths is an advanced Hip Hop class where there will be more advanced moves. Also will be having FUN while making these moves. Street hip-hop emphasizes isolation, popping, locking, and tricks.


**NEW** Adult REGGAETON 18+

     This Adult class is ALL ABOUT FUN; adults learn fun new moves and shed some pounds doing it. DANCING TO SOME NEW MUSIC IS PROBABLY HEARD ON AN ALL-INCLUSIVE VACATION SPOT.



Private Lessons

Private dance classes are the most effective way to take your dancing to the next level, learn a new dance style/genre or begin dancing for the first time.Sample Private Lessons are available. The lessons are 45 minutes and include 30 minutes of dance and 15 minutes of discussion for the teacher to understand your needs. 


I understand that sometimes a dancer needs that individual attention that only a private class can offer. From the first meeting, your teacher will take the time to understand you and your dance goals in order to give you the best program to achieve your milestones. Whether you are dancing for the first time,getting back into dance shape, I am here for you. 


To find out about price or to book your private classes please contact me at or call 519-330-4177

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